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Digital Marketing – Myth and Truth

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing – Myth and Truth

Myth #1

“The Future is Online. Hence, You must Invest in Digital Marketing”


Though it seems to be that Online Business and E-Commerce make money, it must not entirely be the reason for you to invest in Digital Marketing. Companies who want to brand themselves go full throttle online – including Social Media, Website, and SEO.

If you are a brick-and-mortar shop or a local business, it may sometimes be enough for you to set up a simple local business account on Google My Business and list it in local online directories like Yellow pages and JustDial. So, choose wisely.

Myth #2

“Only Brands can Invest in Digital Marketing”


Well, Brands so use different digital marketing strategies to create a good online brand presence, small businesses & startups currently do use this mode of marketing to analyze competitors and learn to tap into their online market potential. There are multiple Instagram businesses, stores, and boutiques that use Instagram to help showcase their work to capture audience attention.

Myth #3

“A Good Website with an attractive web design and enticing graphics is enough”


Digital Marketing is not only about your website or your high-profile graphics and features. It is about communicating to your customers as if you are speaking to a crowd. A mix of good websites, quality content, and social media marketing is important for you to carry out any campaigns and activities online.

Myth #4

“Negative Comments ruin your reputation”


Instead of deleting or hiding a negative comment, better face it with a positive attitude. If someone is not satisfied with the product you have sent and it turns out to be a defective one. It is common to have their appeal online. Paying attention to it and compensating their loss in a way or a kind word may not be of any use to the consumer affected, but it sends a good message that your brand is listening to its customers.

Myth #5

“Just be on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So, people can contact you”


Understand that the platform you use, they are a business, and showing content to users is their business. Hence, the more you contribute by creating viral, attractive, and shareable quality videos, the more is the chance of the platform to showcase your content to the general audience. Hence, constantly strategizing is absolutely necessary.

Understand your business and consumers, then accordingly strategize your marketing campaign. Ensure that your strategy is effective and aligned with your goals and not those of others.

social media platforms

Myth #6

“Be present in all the Social Media platforms”


Not all social media platforms are the same; some of them may not be suitable for your business. Better research as to which social media platform gives you access to your potential customers. So, it makes more sense to focus on the platform that is apt for your business.

There are numerous marketing myths that are promoted by false information, so it’s always a good idea to do your research before starting on your digital marketing path. Digital marketing can be difficult, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Algorithms and search engines are always changing, bringing new challenges to your online presence.

Always embrace these challenges and look deeper into so-called digital marketing myths, since they aren’t always what they seem to be! It is essential for your company to make an online presence in today’s world. For more details about digital marketing and branding, Contact Us.

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