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Companies which made huge buzz using Digital Marketing

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Companies which made huge buzz using Digital Marketing


The best marketplace for lodging and people who are looking for accommodations during vacations will definitely choose Airbnb, which is an online booking platform. They have used awesome cool techniques which lead their brand to stand top than any other company. Every brand has its own style of marketing, Airbnb also made it in their own way of marketing techniques.

airbnb strategy

  • The foremost strategy used by Airbnb is nothing but Establishing, yes they establish their brand on all social media platforms by registering their effective logo and their brand name with trust and loyalty.
  • Then they focused on creating a Facebook business page for their brand, which is the best place to promote rental vacation business and they shared useful content for travelers with some tips and recommendations about top destinations of a particular area.
  • Facebook advertising, which is also the main strategy for their successful marketing because it shows how much engagement a paid ad campaign could bring.
  • Another Powerful strategy is none other than Instagram, which is used by millions of people every day. This could be the right platform for showcasing your all-new features.
  • Airbnb utilized Instagram well by sharing different useful content through posts, stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV.
  • Creating a video is one more effective way of promoting, they used to create videos by using drones to capture a unique view.
  • The next strategy is, creating a youtube channel, which definitely helps you to personalize your brand. Every video should be enough to provide real value to travelers and they make videos to be ”a must once to visit” places.
  • On growing subscriber base, they followed the cross-promoting strategy.
  • They created a video contest which has to create a 15-second video about their favorite places and post it on Instagram which helps them to create visibility and awareness.
  • Then collaborating with the right social media influencer strengthens their relationship with customers instead of choosing a random influencer has been an awesome technique.
  • Finally, much focus on delivering relevant and quality content, by targeting the right audience which automatically tends to drive sales and conversions.

These strategies they have used to stand top for still and forever.

Domino’s Marketing strategy:

While thinking about ordering pizza online, everyone’s choice is definitely the same brand, Domino’s. It has made its own position as a pizza delivery brand and is known for its quality and taste. Their strategies are very strong and they focus only on target people and through powerful techniques. They have been expanding their presence in different countries and they add new varieties of pizza to their menu either veg or non-veg, this is another effective way of attracting an audience. Let’s dive into all the effective strategies which they followed,

  • In the early stages, they do Traditional Marketing, which plays a vital role in their marketing strategy. They did that by placing banners, supplying pamphlets to customers.
  • The best strategy they followed is quick delivery. This is the easiest way of impressing the audience and it builds trust. 30 minutes maximum delivery time strategy introduced by them, which has worked out well.dominos strategy
  • On social media platforms, they have been active and engaged by posting enticing photos of pizza and they provide super offers and combo deals at affordable prices, through this they attract all types of audiences, which is an effective strategy introduced by them.
  • They are strong in handling SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Social Media strategies.
  • Through Facebook and Instagram, they used to display ads that tend to reach the target audience and also drive more sales and increase traffic.


Nike could be said as the most inspirational and emotional brand, over the years. Their classic tagline “Just do it” says everything, they have become more popular among consumers than ever. They have gone through a lot of genius strategies and efforts, which gained a lot of loyal consumers and fans. Let’s see all those innovative strategies here,

  • Nike has been building many marketing strategies, but one element is product positioning that plays a fundamental role. Their main tactic is, they used to think about audience interest as understanding customers and executing it. This helps to stay in the customer’s mind.
  • The most powerful tactics are not to sell products in an effective way instead of selling emotional stories. When it comes to storytelling, Nike would be the master of masters. From the beginning, they just encourage and inspire everyone to keep on running to reach their health or sports goals. nike strategy
  • Storytelling strategy has been applied to cultivate customer loyalty and to improve brand awareness, most importantly they work towards a social cause.
  • Having a million followers is not just an easy thing, they gained it on all social media platforms. The strategy used behind this is, Collaborating with eminent people, using user-generated content, appearing in customer conversations, spreading their stories across social media channels.
  • Their website looks at stunning products and images that are shown as the bold, fearless side of the user when they use Nike products.
  • The user experience of the website actually looks cool, which makes the consumer satisfied with buying the products and they have an amazing product filter.
  • They have a club called a loyalty program, where customers or fans of Nike’s can get exclusive benefits.
  • During customer journeys on Nike, emails serve as automated responses. Such as signup, reviews, successful purchases, delivery, holiday events, and more.
  • Finally, they sell an idea. Specifically, they share a common and simple idea wholeheartedly that just creates hype and popularity.

Innocent drinks:

Gonna see the best social media strategies have been played by Innocent drinks, the brand that smashes competitors on the social media world. They just have great content and engaging interaction with consumers, which is an amazing strategy for a successful brand. The essential thing is to analyze the performance of social media activities and adapt new trends accordingly, Innocent drinks have followed that perfectly. Let’s see all the tactics they have used to stand as the best,

  • The first key element is the name, logo, profile, and bio on all social media accounts. Innocent drinks have a unique logo that is different from all other brands.
  • Taking people along with their journey and making loyal followers feel like part of the brand.
  • Engaging through high-quality visual content has been an important part of a marketing strategy because it makes sense in a way. It can be either content, videos, photos, gifs, or Infographics.
  • Quality and attractive visuals create a strong bond between brands and consumers. innocent drinks strategy
  • In the world of social networks, powerful video content plays a huge role, and gifs are easily shareable, it helps you to display the fun side of your brand and can convey emotion within a few seconds.
  • Sharing user-generated content is an effective strategy, it can be either photos or videos. It just shows the actual experience of a consumer and trust towards a brand, which will be useful for a new consumer to think.
  • Monitoring and capturing mentions of your brand and products help you gain valuable business insights. By following this strategy, they simply experienced how to handle negativity with a smile.
  • They have been active by reply and respond to consumer’s queries in real-time, this made them have a good relationship that automatically drives sales.
  • Powerful brands tell a story by sharing their values and beliefs rather than revenue and sales pitches, Innocent drinks are mastered in that way perfectly.
  • Finally, the secret weapon strategy of the innocent drink is believing that social media platforms are complete humor, fun, and love. Their ultimate aim is to excite and inspire their followers through their posts.

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